XRTC APIs – Terms and conditions

We are for simplicity, so our Terms of Service are short and human readable.
Don't mistake this for carelessness – we will enforce our ToS.

If you have any question regarding our Terms, you can contact us. Asking permission will be infinitely better than asking forgiveness.

General Conditions

  • When using our public APIs, you fully understand the data is going through (and never stored in) Delta Cygni Lab's servers, but you have full responsibility and ownership of the data that gets transfered.
  • Do not use our public APIs for illegal purposes. When in doubt, ask. We are based in Finland, so follow Finnish and European law.
  • No level of service is guaranteed.
  • We require a valid, non disposable email address for registration. API keys linked to bogus email addresses will be terminated without notice.
  • Our limits on API use are meant per person or organization. If you're in doubt wether you still qualify for free use or not, again, ask.
  • Don't be a smartass and try to find gray areas without asking. We will assume such attempts to be done in bad faith.

That's it. We will suspend API access to violators, and report them to authorities if laws are broken.

Privacy Policy

  • Only technical cookies are used on our XRTC related websites.
  • No data sent through our APIs is stored on our servers – payloads are kept in volatile memory until consumed or stale on a second by second basis.
  • We are not responsible for any personal data being transmitted through our public APIs: all API users are.
  • For the public APIs to work, we need to store your email address and to log the ip address of every request. We are never going to sell this data, but we will comply to properly filed law enforcement requests to hand it over.
  • We use Mailchimp to send XRTC related announcements. By clicking to sign up, you confirm that your data will be transferred to Mailchimp for processing. Learn more about Mailchimp's privacy policy here.

Delta Cygni Labs Terms and Privacy

Since XRTC is a Delta Cygni Labs product, it falls under our General Terms and Privacy Statement, which unfortunately need to be lawyer friendly and as such a bit denser.
We tried to keep them as simple and short as possible, though, so do read them.

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Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy
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